every day from 16.00 Leonsberg, Paramaribo minimum departure 2 persons.

Return time

Leonsberg, Paramaribo 22.00 Including evening meal Snack, Guide boat trips, entrance fees.


€ 45,  tourists

€ 45,-students

Tour Description:

Book now your trip to see these dolphins and caimans itself. You can easily and fast booking through this website.

All our dolphins and caimans tours have a 100% guarantee departure. These trips are offered on every Tuesday and Saturday.

The tour starts from Leonsberg, you should get here with your own transport, of course this is just in Paramaribo. From Leonsberg get in a special dolphinboat . The friendly boatswain and guide will tell you everything  and explain in details, after departure from Leonsberg they will lead us to the playful and beautiful dolphins.

Leonsberg, the starting point of the tour

During the beautiful sunset, you can enjoy the dolphins on the Suriname River. The dolphins will swim playful along the boat, the Surinamese Dolphin has a pink belly and is about 1.5 meters long, and the dolphins come off on your loud booing and clapping, how enthusiastic you are, the more tricks they will exhibit. We will spend about an hour time to the dolphins. And around 5.30 we put the trip in further direction to the caimans-adventure. We will leave along the Suriname River and Fort Nieuw Amsterdam-ascend the Commewijne River.

The dolphins entertain you richly, the harder you claps the higher they jump!

The boat is now in Commewijne, where you ashore at the plantation ‘ Johanna and Margaretha ‘, an old sugar plantation frederiksdorp along to the other side, known for the eponymous Surinamese Malbork can Rum (90% Alcohol). The Plantation is now mainly inhabited by Indian family’s. There are small shops built and you can enjoy the Indian hospitality. On the plantation we will step into smaller boats and head further into the swamp (swamp).

A Capybara on Johanna and Margaretha our transfer point to the swamp.

After approximately 3 minutes sail we come to a Indian family where we our enjoy our Indian evening meal. After the meal you get the advice to lubricate yourself correctly with your anti-mosquitoes-resources, this is important because there are a lot of mosquitoes in the swamp area. It is now dark, and we continue our journey in the small swamp boats.
The boatswain will guide you professionally trough the swamp past the caimans. Where he with a special loop captures the beast and it is pain free and tapes his mouth with an elastic. You may then hold  it, pat it and take a picture. The boatswain will  capture about 2 to 3 caimans and and tell some things about the caimans. After the catches we head back to the shore to move onto a bigger boat where we head back to Leonsberg.

We arrive there at 22.00.

Safety guarenteed, the caimans are taken care off (pain free) and are released afterwards
Only the dolphins-tour or the caiman-tour? It is possible!

On request it is also possible to perform only the dolphins tour, there are the costs 25 euro it is also possible to perform only the caimans tour on request, these costs are 35 euros. This is without a meal but with snacks. Please contact us through the contact form.

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