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Spectacular in Suriname is the caimans and dolphins tour combination, this site provides you with important information and tour program. You can also book your trip through this site.

Two Surinamese dolphins along the boat.

First time in the afternoon you can enjoy on the way to the Sea (Braamspunt) the Surinamese playful dolphins. After these dolphins in the evening hours  you can get acquainted  in the swamp with the caimans of Suriname. Here on this site you can find information about the Surinamese caimans and dolphins.

Surinamese dolphins In the mouth of the Suriname River is a school of dolphins called the Guiana dolphin or dolphins for Profosu the dolphin. Their habitat in this area is approximately 20 to 25 square kilometers, this is relatively small. The number of dolphins in this area is estimated at about 100 to 125. These dolphins can live fine in the brackish, shallow water of the Suriname River.

The dolphins are not shy and are very curious about the people who come to visit them.



In the swamps of Suriname you can now go on caiman tour. Caimans are everywhere in Suriname. Along the coastal plain of Suriname is the Mata pica swamp, on the coast of Commewijne. The Spectacled Caiman (Caiman crocodilus) comes in this area, they are named so  because there is a fleshy mound above the eyes. It looks like the Cayman has a glasses on.
The caimans mainly come forth in the evening but one can also see them during the day. If you shine a lights in the eyes of the caimans a red color of the eyes is reflected. This will also make them temporarily blind, it is then possible to get closer and to address them. The guide captures a small Caiman and you can take photo. After the photo is the Cayman is released.

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